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SVM Plug-in in a 64 Bit Environment


I'm trying to get the SVM plug-in running on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition with Service Pack 2 and a Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition (64-bit).
I downloaded the latest stable plug-in and the viewer from codeplex but I don’t get them working. The installation runs fine without any errors but I cannot find the plug-in during the setup of the Miningmodel in the BI studio.
Using the source code gives little hope because of several compile errors during compilation:
The code is mixed up with several
[System::Diagnostics::CodeAnalysis::SuppressMessage("Microsoft.Naming", "CA1704:IdentifiersShouldBeSpelledCorrectly")] //[kenkwok] By Design
Messages, letting the code do not compile any more.
After removing this messages,
"Duplicate items are not supported by the "Resources" parameter." error pops up.
Deleting the DataConnection.resx file solves this issue, but then there occure several errors like
"The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: 'Avanade.Datamining.SVMPluginViewer.SVMViewerUserControl.SVMViewerUserControl_Load(object, System.EventArgs)' and 'Avanade.Datamining.SVMPluginViewer.SVMViewerUserControl.SVMViewerUserControl_Load(object, System.EventArgs)' D:\jahu\Visual Studio 2008\SSAS SVMPlugin\Prod_1_1\SVMPluginViewer\DataConnection.cs 576 26 SVMPluginViewer
    private void InitializeComponent(){...}
    private void SVMViewerUserControl_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {...}
both in class SVMViewerUserControl
After commenting out the appropriate methods the project compiles just fine, but I'm not convinced that everything is working fine.
In summary, this package seems let’s say corrupted to me.
I appreciate any help towards a working SVM plug-in in a 64Bit environment.
With kind regards